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HI, I'm Sally

Growing up with multiple dogs in the household, I developed a deep love, respect and understanding of them from an early age. I am currently the proud guardian of a 2 year old German Shepherd gal, RAVEN. We both enjoy training obedience, learning tricks, doing scent work, and playing fetch. This is our way of bonding and I love our connection!

I have always loved animals and found a soft spot for them. I  enrolled into pre-vet for university, but I was working 3 jobs while studying. You guessed it. I didn’t get in. Instead, I  graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Marine Ecology, and found out that I also have a love for birds! After graduating, I decided that I wanted to work with dogs for a while, I got a job as a dog adventure handler, and I was hooked. I also raised a wonderful sweetheart during this time.  Baby Chubs was offered to us at the time as a stray found loitering alone outside a house for a week, she was under-socialised and dog reactive. She taught me a lot and is one of my reasons for being a dog trainer.

In 2021, I moved back to Melbourne and enrolled to study Dog behaviour and Training, I also worked at a indoor boarding kennel for dogs as well . I am certified by the National Dog trainers Federation (NDTF) as an accredited dog trainer and behaviourist. NDTF is one of the few government recognised accreditations for dog trainers in Australia. I will continue to expand my education learning about dog psychology and behaviour, and will be attending seminars whenever I get the chance.

I believe that training should be fun and rewarding for both dogs and their owners. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for all of my clients. My goal as a dog trainer is to help owners build a strong, positive relationship with their furry companions. Every dog is unique and I am to tailor my training methods to suit each individual dog’s personality and needs. I want to help owners gain confidence in handling their dogs and build a strong foundation of trust and respect.

Seminars and Webinars Attended

  • “On Steroids” Canine Services International- Brad Griggs –  2023
  • “Leash Aggression Reactivity” Prodog Training Webinar by David McKelson – 2023
  • “Anxiety Masterclass” , “Confidence Building 101”, “Reactivity Masterclass”, “Engagement Building blocks” Online webinars by Team K9 Training- Natalie Dobkins – 2023
  • “The Micheal Ellis Experience”- 2023
  •  “Tom Davis X Forrest Micke Seminar” – 2023

Certifcate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training

Bachelor of Zoology and Marine ecology

4 Years of experience working with dogs

Pet First Aid Certificate


Australian National Character Check

Our mission

Help owners build a strong, positive relationship with their canine companions.

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our values


By providing our dogs with clear and consistent communication, around what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, we will be able to help our dogs understand what we want or expect from them. When they do not have clear boundaries, this can cause behavioural problems because they have to take the lead in making decisions. Clarity can help to eliminate stress, confusion, fear and so many negative emotions that can come about when unpredictability occurs. The structure that comes with clarity, provides safety and security for our dogs, this is because we know what will and won’t happen with the events occurring in life. Clarity can also  help with commands, because when your dogs understand what is required they then respond appropriately. It allows for effective training together and establishes a positive relationship between the owner and dog. When you are clear and consistent, your dog will trust and respect you.

Connection and engagement are important for dog training because they create a positive and cooperative relationship between the dog and their handler. When a dog feels connected to their handler, they are more likely to be motivated to work and learn new behaviours. Dogs are social animals, and they thrive on interaction with their human companions. Establishing a strong connection and engagement with a dog helps to build trust and mutual respect.  Dogs who are disconnected or disengaged from their handlers may be more likely to exhibit problematic behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing, or aggression. By building a positive relationship with their dog through connection and engagement, handlers can help to prevent these types of issues from arising.
A handler’s confidence is important in dog training. This is because dogs are highly attuned to their handlers emotional state and body language. When a handler is confident and assertive ,in their approach, body language and their tone of voice in communication, this can help establish the handler’s position as the leader. It will also help the dog understand what is expected of them through the consistency in training methods. This is important especially when working with dogs that have behavioural issues or are in training for specific tasks.If a handler is timid or unsure of themselves, it can create confusion and anxiety in the dog, which can make training more difficult and less effective. We want to provide you with the skills to handle your dog confidently in different situations and have confidence in your dog that they will behave accordingly.
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