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how we do it

We use rewards and play based training and want to help owners to understand their dogs’ behaviour and motivation to build a great bond built on clarity, connection and confidence. Travel fee is additional for clients outside 10km Radius

In home sessions

Initial Assessment - 2 Hours


An initial assessment in the comfort of your home.

There is no “one size fits all ” for dog training, which is why it is crucial to have an initial in-home assessment. This assessment will allow us to learn more about their natural tendencies and what motivates your dog. This will also allow us to identify any potential problems early on and create a customised training plan made just for you and your dog! There will also be a follow up email to see how you are doing.


If you are dealing with reactivity, I would recommend a minimum of 5 training sessions. I have training packages available at a discounted rate. Please contact me for more details.

Travel fee is additional for clients outside a 10km radius.

Ongoing sessions - 1 HOUR


Where we review your training and work on specific things you want to focus on.

Only available if you have had an initial assessment. We will review and talk about the training plan previously given and work on areas that you want to focus on with your dog. Whether it be, loose lead walking, obedience, trick training, place training, socialisation, crate training etc. Training packages are also available, please contact me to find out more.

Walk & train

Walk & train essentials - 30 Min / 1 HR

$40 / $60

Providing your dog with mental and physical activity while you are away or working.

Good for people who have busy lives and want their dog to have a mentally stimulating walk. We can also train/ work on anything specific that the owner has in mind. Overall we will generally work on a loose lead walk, basic commands such as a reliable sit and drop, threshold, engagement and foundations for a solid recall and confidence building. I upload pictures to my social media pages daily, so check it out to see your pups!

Travel fee is additional for clients outside a 10km radius.

Puppy training

Package - 4 x 1 HR session


Lets set your puppy up for success

This service will provide a new puppy owner all the information needed to raise a well rounded and balanced dog at home. We will discuss techniques on how to eliminate undesirable puppy behaviours such as play biting, jumping and destructive behaviour, toilet training, mental and environmental enrichment, loose lead walking, appropriate socialisation, creating boundaries , and basic obedience commands.  Set your pup up for success today!


Travel fee is additional for clients outside a 10km radius.

Canine Chaperone

For weddings & Events


Let us take one more thing off your mind on your special day!

We can help you take care of your pet while they attend your wedding! Includes services such as pet transportation to and from the venue, pet sitting before and/ or after the event, providing food, water and treats, ensuring your pets safety and comfortability throughout the event, and cleaning up if needed. Travel fee included.


A meet and greet is required before we confirm a booking to ensure that we are a good fit for both parties.

Dog Sitting

Drop-ins - 20 mins


Let us drop in to feed, water and provide your pet with some company

Need a pet sitter to check in or your pets? We can pop in to say hi, keep your pets fed and hydrated, and give some affection and short play sessions. Pictures can be provided as well on request.


Travel fee is additional for clients outside a 10km radius.

Online sessions

45 mins session


Train from anywhere!
Our online sessions can cover many things such as obedience, puppy training, environmental enrichment and behavioural issues such as jumping, biting and separation anxiety.
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